More than Money

Work for More Than Money

If you, like me, feel like you’ve spent most of your life working. Then its time you decide work for something a little bit more than the ever-changing, fickle fallacy of finances

Hold On! Don’t scoff. I didn’t say work for free. I said work for MORE than money alone. This idea may sound foreign to some, outright stupid to others, but I’ll say it once more. Work for something more than money. If you cannot do that then you are better not to work at all.

Time is not Money, No matter how much someone may try to convince you that it is, It is not. It is infinitely more valuable than money. If it wasn’t, then you could trade money for time, but you cannot. So why are we so eager to trade this infinitely valuable resource for something that may or may not hold any value tomorrow? In fact if you think about it Time and Attention are the only things you can trade for anything else, or toward the progress of anything else. If you do not spend them toward something then you will never have that thing, no matter how much money you have. You have to devote some amount of time to something in order to attract it into your life. Time, and attention, are the only things with this characteristic. 

This is why the idea behind this article, that inspired it, is the idea that you should work not for more money, but for more than money. We as humans should be holding the things that we devote that much time to to give us more than they currently are. It is our right, our responsibility to ensure, but we will not receive that if we do not first accept that it is what we deserve. This is a major problem in the US today. Property and Wealth have taken the space of Attention and Time. The power of the world has been all but freely given to these inanimate and disconnected ideas of man as opposed to the intrinsic ideas of nature. 

It is far easier to manage numbers and money, than it is to manage attention and time. Those require much more discipline and so, of course, why would we discipline when we can extort. Extortion is not inherently evil for this reason. It is part of nature. We all strive to find things that make our life seem easier. We want the reward and when it’s dangled in front of us we will almost certainly grab it. That is, until we learn the weight of the reward without the work. This is why we must demand from ourselves, and from our work that we are compensated, with more than money. At the very least there must be an equal measure of satisfaction coming from the work, regardless of the wage, before the two become even close to one another.

Time, and Attention. Think it through yourself, if you spend 40 hours a week dedicated to a dollar, another healthy 40 sleeping, what time do you have to dedicate to other things? How many of us spend only 40 hours focused on that dollar? Even those with Regular 9-5 Jobs have to spend time getting ready and decompressing because of that job each day. If you spend that amount of time obsessed with Dollars, you will live a life led by a dollar, and you will die at the end of that life, instead of the one you choose. 

Doesn’t that make you want to vomit? That idea disgusts me so entirely, I feel it is a sin of molestation and perversion against our divine purpose. Think now of what your chosen divinity, pantheon, purpose, or personal ideal would want from you. What do our children need to see? Do they really want us to spend ⅔ of your entire life working or sleeping? I don’t think so. We are meant to be here living presently and in harmony as much as possible. Living with the fullest love and happiness in our heart first. Experience this existence for what it is and live each moment to the fullest that we can.  

This is why it is so important to pay attention to what you actually spend real currency on. 

Two currencies worth more than money

More than Money

Time and Attention are the real currencies of this realm worth far more than money. What are you spending your time and attention on every day? Every minute? Sure we could go into endless philosophical ideas about “time” and what it actually is, but in this instance I am referring to the fact that one thing is certain in this existence. Death. Because of this everything in this existence is “timed”. That time, or moreover, attention, the measurement of your time focused on something, that is all that you have to give from the moment you are born. It is what real currency is. It is part of your experience, and who and what you are willing to share it with. What are you spending it on? Are you as cautious with it as your dollar?







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