Understanding Balance

Understanding Balance

Balance is a word that you will find no doubt scattered through this site, and in almost every post. There is a good reason behind this. Iit is the main objective of our study and practice in Elementalism. Balance is the goal that we are looking to achieve because, by being balanced, or as close to it as we can, only then can we achieve and create the life that we are seeking. 

Another way to think about this is to imagine the life you want. When you see that life, do you imagine that person having a healthy balance within each facet of life, or do you imagine that life being tilted heavily in one direction? It’s safe to assume that everyone would agree they hope the future version of themselves leads a balanced, healthy life. Most of us will admit though, that we do not have the balance we desire or need in our lives. Some of us may feel like we are stuck as slaves to our job, to our family, or even our friends. We might feel like the world has control over our every hour, and there are no spare minutes for ourselves. It is easy for us to get caught up in doing the things that we feel like we must do every day, and forgetting about the things that we long for, dream of, or crave. While these may not immediately feel like necessities, they are just as important as feeding our family, feeding ourselves, earning a living, or paying bills. 

The obstacle that stands between us and finding this balance is that it is hard for our very material and physical “common sense” to believe that taking time off is equally important as working. It is becoming more understandable and widely discussed, but much of the world would still only see worth in actions that end in dollars or gains. The problem with that, as we discussed in an older article on “duality” is that if we are only ever gaining, eventually the feeling of success and achievement tied to that gain will disappear. We may still be gaining, but we won’t be able to sense it as it becomes too consistent, or normal. Just as we grow little by little throughout our childhood but hardly ever notice it, so too will we continue in ruts and routines without ever realizing what they are bringing to our lives. 

This is where Elementalism can kick start our perspective, and show us patterns we can change to achieve a healthier balance in our lives. With this we can shape and create the future we envision for ourselves, which is just as critical to our health as exercise or diet. In this way balance also extends beyond ourselves, outside of the microcosm that is our being, and into the macrocosm that is the rest of existence. This means that both our inner balance, and living in balance with existence around us, are equally important. 

Understanding the relationship between our inner being with existence around us demonstrates yet another concept I haven’t touched on much. The idea is, even though we are all seeking balance, no two people will achieve it in the same way, because even if their exterior influences from existence are mostly the same, the inner being will require different amounts of each element to find true balance. As a vitalistic and holistic health practice this is evident as no two health consultations are ever the same, even though some are coming from similar backgrounds and experiences. Keeping these ideas in mind as you read through this material on elementalism is important as each post will demonstrate some idea to bring the reader in balance within themselves and with the world around them. 


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