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To Choose; To Change

Who are You
Why are you here
The world already knows your fears
Be Anything!
They always say,
then shun, and bawk, and look away,
Each new time you dare.
They seek to make a fool of you
with each new dream you share.
Our lives entice the lies,
that ride along the songs,
of rights and wrongs,
but yet we live, exist,
persist, subsist, to reminesce,
about the good ol days,
and good ol ways,
that stain our names with blood, and fear,
and innocent, sweet childrens tears.
Sure, live your life chasing lies,
handed down by dead white guys.
I choose now not, to see that way
and beat the path of my own fate.
It’s choice now, that I become
for choice, and change are nearly one
and that one thing, we know to be
the thing that splits us from the trees
the animals, and winter breeze,
the one defining factor,
no matter how you look at it,
the one thing that matters.
That one thing.
To choose to change.





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