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The Value of Art

Art can hardly be called art
when done for not but sale,
because the act of selling art
belittles its true nature.

Thus it’s hardly art at all
if it lacks the souls imprint,
and once a piece of art is priced,
the soul begins dissent.
Betrayed by the mind,
and cruel decisiveness,
the soul’s new child bound and tied.
Sold for made-up digits.

Rejoice in knowing no one cares,
to buy the things you love.
Remember that to love them first,
gave value more immense,
and that they taught you to love,
a greater lesson still.
Your experiences manifest
in print, or paint, or skill.

Know the value of this thing
the one your spirit craves,
and never let your mind conceive
ideas of greed and gain.
Give freely your art to man
and let them love, or leave it,
because you gave it first at all,
you made it. You’ve succeeded.





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