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We: The Me We Seek To Be

We trade away our days,
in pain to gain some fame,
or neglect shame that stains,
the names we claim
to remain
true to.

But in this YouTube, Bluetooth world,
you do what you do to pull through.
When you’re too blue to be you,
be true to the you
that you know you
to be,
the true blue you.

Don’t let yourself forget yourself.
It’s mental health,
spiritual wealth.
You yourself,
are energy
that magically,
can choose to be
among the we
That’s more than me.
It’s the entirety,
of humanity.

The We,
the us,
You, Me, They,
must come together in some way
to slay the way of hate that stays
to pain the We.
Not Me, or He, or She.
the me,
We seek to be.





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