• Meditation: Nurturing The Mind in 5 Meditative steps

    Meditation: Nurturing The Mind in 5 Meditative steps

    The practice of meditation strengthens and balances our air element by focusing on our mental well-being and strengthening our connection to the intellectual aspect of ourselves. On top of this, meditation can also be used in connection with other emotional or spiritual aspects of our life and health, and because of this is incredible for our general mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Even just 10 minutes a day, will see a measurable change in your life.

  • Suffering Expectations: Being a Being.

    Suffering Expectations: Being a Being.

    We deserve to experience existence without fear of failing to meet someone’s expectations, especially our own. Our life is a miracle. That we woke up to enjoy it at all is incredible. Remind yourself that you are a being, and know that is the only requirement to be. When we’re busy with the flow of the day, ask ourselves what things we actually have to do, and why. If we can remove expectations, then we can certainly transform suffering into healing

  • Understanding Balance

    Understanding Balance

    It is easy for us to get caught up in doing the things that we feel like we must do every day, and forgetting about the things that we long for, dream of, or crave. While these may not immediately feel like necessities, they are just as important as feeding our family, feeding ourselves, earning a living, or paying bills. 

  • Elemental Imbalance: Water

    Elemental Imbalance: Water

    Water is adaptive and flowing. It represents the emotional and astral, and demonstrates influence in our lives through emotions, Love, Sex, Family, Friends, and even Life itself. When this element is in balance, we find ourselves loving and empathetic, we feel connected with those around us. We are able to ride the flow of life […]

  • Elemental Imbalance: Deficits and Excess

    Elemental Imbalance: Deficits and Excess

    As the core mission of Elementalism is to bring balance to the four elements within your life, we have to understand the states of imbalance elements. These two states are Deficit and Excess, meaning either too little, or too much. Each element can become either deficient or excessive, and when that happens to us, it […]

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