• Conscious Artistic Expression

    Conscious Artistic Expression

    The biggest masterpiece you will ever create is the person you are when you die. Not the material items, or power, or money you’ve accumulated, but that single person depicting a blip of existence, and all they have experienced. Everything we gain from experiencing life, paints a picture on our soul’s canvas that’s only ready to ship when we move on to the next realm. It is not “art” in the physical and mundane sense. It is the art your soul arrived in this existence to complete. The one that starts with your birth and ends with your death. The plan your consciousness had when it entered your body. We often stray from this plan. The world distracts us and makes us confused which path to take, but when we can sit with ourselves, and begin to know ourselves more intimately, we can see what this plan is simply the path we are on. It unfolds no matter which direction we step. Only when we begin to live inside of that truth can we discover our purpose, and feel ourselves embody creation at its very essence.

  • Suffering Expectations: Being a Being.

    Suffering Expectations: Being a Being.

    We deserve to experience existence without fear of failing to meet someone’s expectations, especially our own. Our life is a miracle. That we woke up to enjoy it at all is incredible. Remind yourself that you are a being, and know that is the only requirement to be. When we’re busy with the flow of the day, ask ourselves what things we actually have to do, and why. If we can remove expectations, then we can certainly transform suffering into healing

  • Alchemy and the Elements

    Alchemy and the Elements

    Alchemy, the term, dates back to medieval days. It is considered the precursor to chemistry. Alchemy is interesting, as its focus was the transformation of matter, most popularly, lead into gold. This idea was eventually recognized as impossible, at that time. In fact these days there is a method called Nuclear Transmutation that can actually […]

  • Understanding Balance

    Understanding Balance

    It is easy for us to get caught up in doing the things that we feel like we must do every day, and forgetting about the things that we long for, dream of, or crave. While these may not immediately feel like necessities, they are just as important as feeding our family, feeding ourselves, earning a living, or paying bills. 

  • Elemental Imbalance: Earth

    Elemental Imbalance: Earth

    Earth is strong and rooted. It represents the physical, and demonstrates influence in our lives through duty, structure, form, bodily health, and harvest. When this element is in balance, we find ourselves grounded and stable, resilient to the world around us, and in great bodily health. We will be self-sufficient and unfazed. We feel fulfilled […]

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