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Separation: Understanding the Whole

Quite an interesting word. It is finite and precise. Apathetic and purging. Separate, or Separating, are a connotative nightmare, as all things are on this plane of duality. We are in an age now that you will find advice to separate yourself around almost every corner. Hell, we are still encountering backlash from the largest pandemic impact I, like most of us, have seen in our lifetime where we had to stay in our homes separate from each other as much as possible (and still should be by most research). Separation brings with it a lot of pain to us lowly, emotional humans. We love the things we have in our lives because we have spent our time and attention acquiring them. It is hard for us to feel good about separating from those things, people, ideas, because of what we have invested in them. The true currencies, Time and Attention. 

A Truth of Nature

So why is it good to Separate ourselves? Separation is part of the alchemical process, it is natural. We will all go through separation within our experience and it is up to us to take that experience and transmute it into something valuable for our investment in it. Not our Monetary, but our emotional, spiritual, physical and mental investments. Many times I write about the duality of all things. How we cannot experience “Ups” without comprehending the concept of down. Good, Bad. Happy, Unhappy. They all need each other to fully comprehend their partner. They are made whole by their counterparts. We live in these dualities every minute of our experience, pushing ever further into the ebb and flow of infinity. Nearly everything in life has a partner, or counterpart that better explains them. An aspect that completes them, allows you to fully understand their entire identity.

So with this in mind what is the counter to separation? Wholeness itself. Separation is made Whole by Wholeness, and only Wholeness. Which in turn means that to understand wholeness, to see wholeness for its completion, You must understand Separation. That’s a tongue twister of a drunken proverb to reread, but read it again. In the same way you need to know what cold is to understand hot, you need separation to understand wholeness. This is a universal truth that birthed common cliches of today like “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone” “hindsight is twenty twenty” and others. This is because you cannot see yourself for the whole, until you can understand the perspective of the separate. 

Separation Utilized

Understanding that separation is going to happen, and that it can be good, you can use your divine tool of perspective to control what separations happen in your life. This allows you to better direct the outcome of the wholeness you become. That’s a lot of words to say, you know what to remove from your life to become the person you want to be. Just like you need to do the things that the person you want to be does. You also need to stop doing the things that the person you want to be does not do. Separate yourself from those actions, those people, those verbs, those nouns, those energies. This will allow you the room in your life to accept the things into it that you want. This is what I mean when I say make the room in your life for the changes to happen. This is the first step of what some might call “manifestation”. You have to have the room in your life to bring (or manifest) those changes. You cannot expect to bring more energy into your already full, greedy cup. 

While it is along the beginning of “manifestation” the idea of separation specifically is the third step in the alchemical process. The part in which the Solution created from watering the ashes of the material is filtered. In spiritual alchemy this is when we gather the things about our experience that we may have previously discarded and reevaluate them to grow from them and better our experience to be prepared for conjunction in the next step. So if you, like me, are finding today you need to separate yourself from outside energy, influence. Remove from your life mindsets or actions. Then hopefully this short article helps you at least half as much as it has helped me to write it. Separate these things from your life, make room for your manifestation. Put them to rest and grow from the experience. Gather the rest of yourself, the parts you deemed worthy to stay, and move on to your next phase. 


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