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There’s plastic in our medicine,

and plastics in our food.

Microplastic music

and nearly plastic news.

Plastic in our water

and plastic in our art.

There’s plastic all around us,

but worse, it’s in our hearts.

Not just in our blood,

discovered 2022,

but encasing our emotions,

our plastic-shielded moods.

The turtles and the ducks,

and fish consume it too,

but no matter what is said or learned

still nothing do we do.

Plastic is convenient.

Plastic is still new,

but in less than just a century,

enough damage done for two.

Maintained because it’s cheap,

and quick, and easy to produce.

Without us even realizing,

subconsciously we choose,

to let the plastic coat our world,

and subsequently lose,

everything we’ve ever known

To cheer “Hey, Look at my shoes!”


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