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Money Dreams

Money is worthless,

but the less we, this, believe,

the more we endure suffering,

The less we can perceive.

Money is worth less

Than the time, for it, you spend

and if you forget this

your happiness will end.

You see, our lives are fleeting


and when we pause to breathe

the world embraces each of us,

and brings our pain some ease. 

But money doesn’t want this

not for you, or me.

It only wants results.

Production driven greed.

To trade away our lives for this,

no bigger sin could be.

We were gifted existence,

not to sell for currency.

I dare you, take it back,

your life from greedy lords,

and watch as you become,

more than you were before.

We do not need those fancy things

that emulate some peace.

We were born with peace inside

and convinced it must be leased.

It’s time for us to understand, 

that we cannot afford.

the lives we dare to dream

by always seeking more

Embrace your life’s simplicity.

Know that, to leave and breath,

Is wealth more vast than all the rest.

Become the you, you’ve dreamed.





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