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How could one, or all, of us, embrace the fear of death,
if not for life’s most certain curse:
human experience.

The world it seems must fall through times of slurping, slinking slime,
but when it once again emerges, it’s cleaned and redefined.
Our missions, each of us unsure, where even to begin?
How can one, or five, or ten,
make changes worth a damn?

A preacher might now tell you,
“Where two are gathered in his name,”
and while that’s true, can you ensure the two’s intentions are the same?

Would these two mere humans,
know themselves enough to see,
that unless their wishes were aligned,
they could never become free.
Our purpose cannot be in life,
to serve and kneel and cry.
Why then, would we become ourselves,
to hide ourselves inside?

The truest form of living, could only be achieved,
when happiness, and joy, and peace
are sought and then perceived.
When we lay down prejudices,
and love without conditions,
and see the world for what it is,
extensions of our mission.

Each of us, we’re summoned here,
for something or another,
and until we know just what that is,
the search for it we suffer.

Once our lives become aligned with the light beneath our eyes, only then can we receive the answers that we seek.
What else could we exist for, but existence pure and free, and what’s the point of being human, if not humanity?





2 responses to “Humanity”

  1. Eileen D'Amore Avatar
    Eileen D’Amore

    Absolutely on point and beautifully stated.

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Thank you so much! ❤️

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