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Elementalism: The Primer

Elementalism is an alchemical study of consciousness, wellness, and being, where we analyze the balance within, and outside, of ourselves through the perspective of the four elements, Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Looking at exterior influences and the interior mechanics of emotions, thoughts, physical health and spiritual strength, we can use the elemental template to categorize our four-pronged approach at complete alchemical understanding transformation. Each element corresponds to an aspect of our holistic being. Air is our mental, or intellectual aspect. Water is our emotional aspect. Earth represents our physical, and Fire our spiritual. By seeking to more deeply understand these pillars of holistic health on an elemental level, we approach a vitalistic understanding of life, that is focused on balancing our life through the lens of these four elements..

The goal of Elementalism is to bring us better understanding with our inner selves. Not just our bodies or our thoughts, but all four “parts” of us together bringing balance to the whole being. These ideas are impartial and easily relatable. By observing the elemental balance in us we can inspire our mind, body, heart, and soul to transform our live’s path into what we seek. Before anything can change, it must first have room to change. This idea is the principle in Elementalism, and encourages us to analyze which elements may be out of balance, so that we can begin making the room for these changes in out lives.

This site is dedicated to exploring the perspective of the four elements in relation to everything from religion to poetry and everything in-between. It is a journal of collected ideas on consciousness, wellness, and being. Each post will try to provide an elemental perspective of earth, water, air, and fire to observe life through this alchemical philosophy or at the very least, inspire deeper thought and understanding of ourselves.


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