Conscious Artistic Expression

Conscious Artistic Expression

We as humans appear simple in our needs at first glance. Food, Water, Shelter. It doesn’t get much harder?

But those are not the traits of our needs that separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom, and while it is increasingly important for us to remember that we are animals biologically, we also have to discover what it is that sets us apart from the rest of the animals. When we do this we can further understand our purpose in this experience. 

To do this humans find our outlets of conscious artistic expression. This is the part of us that feels fulfilled when we create something or accomplish something that is important to us. It could also be called the feeling of success. It’s the things we do every day that bring us happiness from inside ourselves and it thrives with our passion. 

If you’re reading this, you may not immediately know what your conscious artistic expression is, and I couldn’t tell you based on any rubric, but you certainly have one.I know that I am lucky enough to have a classical “art” be what I feel most drawn to do with my life: writing. However, more people than most will find their life’s expression is something far more abstract. What I know of my own creative language, is that it is something I feel I have always loved, but felt a necessity to do. Something that I subconsciously knew I was supposed to be nurturing, but somehow neglected. It is also something that I once exploited for money, as most of us do when we find something we excel at and enjoy doing. This is because it is unfortunately easier for others to see your expressive talents and seek to harness them for their own gain, often for the trade of currency for your time. Not nearly a fair trade. 

Whether or not your career is currently squeezing out the drops of your creative energy, or if you know exactly what you should dedicate more time to, what’s important is that we actually do it. This is the “great work” some would refer to. It is that thing that we each were brought here to do. This idea of conscious artistic expression is not necessarily the same as simple art, though many artists find this expression in their art, as I do with words. 

In fact, using a word like artistic may be a bit of a misnomer as it might not be what we typically understand as “artistic” at all. This is because the “art” we exist to create is the outcome of our lives themselves. The biggest masterpiece you will ever create is the person you are when you die. Not the material items, or power, or money you’ve accumulated, but that single person depicting a blip of existence, and all they have experienced. Everything we gain from experiencing life, paints a picture on our soul’s canvas that’s only ready to ship when we move on to the next realm. It is not “art” in the physical and mundane sense. It is the art your soul arrived in this existence to complete. The one that starts with your birth and ends with your death. The plan your consciousness had when it entered your body. We often stray from this plan. The world distracts us and makes us confused which path to take, but when we can sit with ourselves, and begin to know ourselves more intimately, we can see what this plan is simply the path we are on. It unfolds no matter which direction we step. Only when we begin to live inside of that truth can we discover our purpose, and feel ourselves embody creation at its very essence. 

Elementally this concept is driven by our elemental fire. Fire is the element of spirit and purpose. It demonstrates influence through creation, passion and change and is exemplified by the satisfaction and achievement we as beings receive when we accomplish or create something in line with our truest purpose. When we are disconnected from our conscious artistic expression, we become dull and almost lifeless. We become less man and more robot, living through the motions of existence without ever truly experiencing its full extent. We as humans exist for more than nine-to-five, ambition-less lives. We owe it to ourselves, and to our spirits inhabiting these human bodies, to discover and enact the plan of purpose that was set in motion with our first breath.


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