• The Soul Canvas

    The Soul Canvas

    Moments of our lives recorded,as fast as they occur.Not with words or numbers,Not letters, film, or chartsbut behind the great broad paint brush strokeson a canvas, in our hearts From the moment when we breathe in life,and cry out joyous fear,the brush begins its wayward danceacross a sea of white.Endless possibilities,each choice made, left or […]

  • Success


    Success is a goal achieved, Success is not the goal.  Goals are set by you and I Others, for us, cannot define what we choose to pursue, and what we lose within pursuit. The one who stands upon that jury is you yourself, release your worry. Though you’re your own most feared critic you’re also […]

  • To Choose; To Change

    To Choose; To Change

    Who are YouWhy are you hereThe world already knows your fearsBe Anything!They always say,then shun, and bawk, and look away,Each new time you dare.They seek to make a fool of youwith each new dream you share.Our lives entice the lies,that ride along the songs,of rights and wrongs,but yet we live, exist,persist, subsist, to reminesce,about the […]

  • We: The Me We Seek To Be

    We: The Me We Seek To Be

    We trade away our days,in pain to gain some fame,or neglect shame that stains,the names we claim to remaintrue to. But in this YouTube, Bluetooth world, you do what you do to pull through.When you’re too blue to be you, be true to the you that you know you to be, the true blue you. […]

  • Imperfect Perfection

    Imperfect Perfection

    Perfection isn’t perfect, though humanity ignores. They strive for perfect bodies, and perfect testing scores. They want the perfect life. Some think it’s found in stores, Want problems all erased, And their shocked when they find more But problems never leave. They’re part of life’s true core. Without the complications, Our spirits would fall poor. […]

Tips of Tender

Extracted from years of my life spent reading, writing, and studying, it is my vow that this blog will remain free of ads, at no cost to you. The years spent creating this space have been incredibly fulfilling for me, but also require a diligent balance of time and money. Most days you can find me waiting tables to make ends meet, as gratuity is the most compatible form of compensation with my spirit. With that in mind if my words have brought you any illumination, please consider a humble donation.


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