• Money Dreams

    Money Dreams

    Money is worthless,but the less we, this, believe,the more we endure suffering,The less we can perceive.Money is worth lessThan the time, for it, you spendand if you forget thisyour happiness will end.

  • Bodies of Knowledge

    Bodies of Knowledge

    Our body holds more knowledge, than has yet been learned. And if we dare to listen, our heart’s may cease to yearn, because Life’s deepest lessons are things we’ve only glimpsed and when we take a closer look So many answers missed Our bodies know these answers They’re written on our cells and on the […]

  • Plastic


    There’s plastic in our medicine, and plastics in our food. Microplastic music and nearly plastic news. Plastic in our water and plastic in our art. There’s plastic all around us, but worse, it’s in our hearts. Not just in our blood, discovered 2022, but encasing our emotions, our plastic-shielded moods. The turtles and the ducks, […]

  • The Value of Art

    The Value of Art

    Art can hardly be called artwhen done for not but sale,because the act of selling artbelittles its true nature. Thus it’s hardly art at allif it lacks the souls imprint,and once a piece of art is priced,the soul begins dissent.Betrayed by the mind,and cruel decisiveness,the soul’s new child bound and tied.Sold for made-up digits. Rejoice […]

  • Humanity


    How could one, or all, of us, embrace the fear of death,if not for life’s most certain curse:human experience. The world it seems must fall through times of slurping, slinking slime,but when it once again emerges, it’s cleaned and redefined.Our missions, each of us unsure, where even to begin?How can one, or five, or ten,make […]

Tips of Tender

Extracted from years of my life spent reading, writing, and studying, it is my vow that this blog will remain free of ads, at no cost to you. The years spent creating this space have been incredibly fulfilling for me, but also require a diligent balance of time and money. Most days you can find me waiting tables to make ends meet, as gratuity is the most compatible form of compensation with my spirit. With that in mind if my words have brought you any illumination, please consider a humble donation.


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