• Fear: Opposing Courage, or Love?

    Fear: Opposing Courage, or Love?

    Sometimes I carry fear in my heart. I allow it a place to reside when it refuses to do anything but hurt me. I allow myself to be hurt and controlled by my fear, as we all do. If I apply the concepts discussed in Duality then I have to accept that Fear is just […]

  • Duality: The Two-Fold Truth

    Duality: The Two-Fold Truth

    I’ve written on a couple of posts now that we live on a “plane of duality” and all I mean by that is that everything, or nearly everything, that we know in reality has an opposite, or counterpart. This is especially true in our understanding of emotions and most ideas. We all understand basic dualities. […]

  • Happiness: Don’t Chase It, Practice It

    Happiness: Don’t Chase It, Practice It

    It’s not that I think happiness shouldn’t be chased after, or grabbed for. Happiness is something that, in fact, may very well be tied to the purpose behind human consciousness. Because of this it’s important to go into every day with happiness at the forefront of your mind. This can be a struggle though. Many […]

  • Separation: Understanding the Whole

    Separation: Understanding the Whole

    Quite an interesting word. It is finite and precise. Apathetic and purging. Separate, or Separating, are a connotative nightmare, as all things are on this plane of duality. We are in an age now that you will find advice to separate yourself around almost every corner. Hell, we are still encountering backlash from the largest […]

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