• Alchemy and the Elements

    Alchemy and the Elements

    Alchemy, the term, dates back to medieval days. It is considered the precursor to chemistry. Alchemy is interesting, as its focus was the transformation of matter, most popularly, lead into gold. This idea was eventually recognized as impossible, at that time. In fact these days there is a method called Nuclear Transmutation that can actually […]

  • Elemental Imbalance: Fire

    Elemental Imbalance: Fire

    Fire is fierce and living. It represents the Spirit and Soul. It demonstrates influence through Creation, Consciousness Change, Spirituality, Danger, and Inspiration. When this element is in balance, we find ourselves motivated and inspired. We eagerly create and feel connected to our purpose. We are driven, open minded, and enjoy moving regularly. Being the element […]

  • Elemental Imbalance: Water

    Elemental Imbalance: Water

    Water is adaptive and flowing. It represents the emotional and astral, and demonstrates influence in our lives through emotions, Love, Sex, Family, Friends, and even Life itself. When this element is in balance, we find ourselves loving and empathetic, we feel connected with those around us. We are able to ride the flow of life […]

  • Elemental Imbalance: Earth

    Elemental Imbalance: Earth

    Earth is strong and rooted. It represents the physical, and demonstrates influence in our lives through duty, structure, form, bodily health, and harvest. When this element is in balance, we find ourselves grounded and stable, resilient to the world around us, and in great bodily health. We will be self-sufficient and unfazed. We feel fulfilled […]

  • Elemental Imbalance: Air

    Elemental Imbalance: Air

    When we are imbalanced in our elemental air, we find ourselves nervous, anxious, seeking to control the scenarios around us. We get wrapped up in thought and live in made-up realities inside our own mind. Brain fog clouds the reality in front of us and we can become flighty, spacey and jittery by nature. Physical manifestations of this could make us underweight, frail, or give us trouble breathing, moving or sleeping. To address the issues of imbalance inside our air element, we have to analyze for deficit or excess.

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