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My name is Joshua.

Let me begin by expressing how delighted I am to have you here. This dream has been growing in me since the seeds of creation were planted nearly fourteen years ago when I received my first paycheck. My own words turning into real money filled my young self with inspiration. Little did I know of the downtrodden, depressing doldrums drifting behind that door. 

My love of writing, coupled with my misunderstanding of money brought me through various positions of employment throughout the next eight years. I chased every avenue of paid-writing I could find until I found myself trapped in the marketing game. Pecking away behind the keyboard stringing together keywords just to scrape by. This continued until I was convinced writing wasn’t for me. Years later, after 250+ hours of elemental holistic education, I found myself thumbing through an old journal. 

The words were haunting. The me from the past reaching up through time to grab hold of my consciousness and teach it the lesson it had missed. I’d spent all that time writing for pay, and forgot the entire reason I started. I spent so much time scribbling sentences trying to manipulate money, that I was blind to the manipulation money was exacting on me. This realization led itself into my first work published on this blog “Work for More Than Money”. 

I vowed then, no matter how hard it got, I would no longer write with money as the goal, but I WOULD write. 

Though the blog was originally rushed out under a different name, I found renewed direction from a realization a year later. Though I had been running from writing while studying holistic elementalism, it was the perfect inspiration to write now. With that idea Elementalism.org was reborn from the ashes, in all its fiery cliche.

So What is Elementalism?

Elementalism is the consciousness, being, and wellness blog designed to help us reshape our experience through the perspective of the four elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. This blog is a devotional journal of my time spent in contemplation and meditation, with the hopes of illuminating the path we all share. Through observation of the four elements we gain a deeper understanding of our being, and our reality.

Tips of Tender

Extracted from years of my life spent reading, writing, and studying, it is my vow that this blog will remain free of ads, at no cost to you. The years spent creating this space have been incredibly fulfilling for me, but also require a diligent balance of time and money. Most days you can find me waiting tables to make ends meet, as gratuity is the most compatible form of compensation with my spirit. With that in mind if my words have brought you any illumination, please consider a humble donation.


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